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Ultrasound Baby Scan Early Pregnancy, Gender & 4D Scans

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

City Ultrasound is one of the best ultrasound clinics in London that offers pregnancy reassurance services and every type of prenatal medical testing procedures. The clinic provides the best 3D, and 4D Pregnancy Scans in London using the most advanced technology, equipment, and a superb team of medical experts. We offer early pregnancy scans, gender scans, viability scan, Anomaly and Nuchal scan, cardiac and all other procedures required to ensure that the baby is growing up finely. We understand that you need peace of mind and reassurance throughout this journey, so we try every bit to offer.

Seeing the movement of your unborn child for the first time is the most joyful experience ever, and we want to be part of this heart-touching moment. Therefore, using the 4D scan London technology, you can easily catch a glimpse of what is happening in your child's world or when he is smiling, sleeping, or doing all sorts of activities. Apart from the ultrasound reports, the doctors at City Ultrasound will also hand you over a beautiful picture of the fetus in action so that you can cherish it lifelong. You can trust us to stand by you during this journey because we assure you that prioritizing your and the baby’s health is a priority for us.

Why do you have to undergo a proper pregnancy screening?

When you approach us for early-pregnancy or other types of screening, checking the baby’s overall development and health is essential at regular intervals while it is still inside the womb. The baby’s heartbeat should become detectable by week six, and it develops a lot of features by Week 12. Early pregnancy screening using proper 3D and 4D technology allows us to diagnose any abnormalities that may become more visible by week 40.

Is it safe to go through an ultrasound procedure?

As we assured you earlier, the safety of the mother and child is our priority. Moreover, there have been several studies conducted on the protection of pregnancy ultrasound. The good part is none of the results for tests has come out with a possibility of harm. The procedure came into existence around the 1950s and 1960s. However, the constant advancement in technology now leads to 3D and 4D technology that ensures time-saving, accuracy and preciseness. So, now you must be assured that undergoing the process of ultrasound is equally safe and essential. Plus, there should be no pressure because you have chosen the best in the industry.

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